Jjol Myun

Jjol Myun is spicy, tangy, sweet and chewy. It’s perfect as a quick lunch or a snack.

Jjol myun is a dish that I have intense cravings for sometimes. This dish always puts my tastebuds through a rollercoaster ride. It’s sweet from the sugar, spicy from gochujang, tangy from the vinegar, and the chewy noodles add a wonderful texture component to the dish as well.

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Korean Vegetable Fritters

These Korean vegetable fritters are a perfect appetizer. This recipe is so versatile, you can use pretty much any veggies in your fridge!

Some might call it vegetable tempura but that’s so painfully Japanese… I’m gonna call it a fritter. Tempura usually involves frying individual veggies, where as the Korean version cuts the veggies in smaller pieces and fry the mixed veggies together in small lumps. I love this way of frying vegetables because I can taste the sweetness from the onions, juiciness from the zucchini and the slight crunch from the carrots in one bite. This fritter is crunchy on the outside and soft and sweet on the inside. It stands proudly alone as a great appetizer or a perfect accompaniment to familiar Korean dishes such as Tteok-bokki (Spicy rice cakes). 

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Korean “Meatballs”

These “meatballs” are a perfect side dish to your Korean dinner. It’s easy to make and contain no special ingredients that requires a trip to a Korean grocery store.

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