Meet Yoori

Welcome to Kimchi and Cheese!

Hi! my name is  Yoori Noh and I’m a Korean – American living in the Midwest.  When I say Midwest, I’m not talking about Chicago where all the cool Asians live, I’m talking about southwestern Ohio. I’m surrounded by cornfields.

I grew up in South Korea and moved to Ohio in 1997. Why not Los Angeles or New York City like all other Korean immigrants? No idea. My mom literally had 50 states to choose from and we ended up in Ohio. 

Not being near a large Korean population or H-Mart, we had limited resources to make Korean food at home. From Walmart, my mom still managed to make my sisters and I the most delicious and authentic Korean dishes that reminded us of our home country. After a long day of assimilating to a brand new culture, I would come home to a familiar sound, smell, and taste that reminded me I’m still Korean, even if I live among the cornfields.

Over the past 20 years, my life in Ohio has become a perfect balance of Kimchi and Cheese, a delicate mixture of spicy and savory, very Korean but somehow equally American.

That’s why I’ve created this blog. You don’t  have to live near a H-Mart to make good Korean food. My hope is that with this blog, your Walmart can become an H-Mart. Get out there and add a some Kimchi to your Cheese!

When I’m not stinking up my kitchen with Kimchi,

I work as a full time Nurse Practitioner. I’m a wife to the most patient man on earth, and a mom to the most cuddliest rescue pit bull. 


This blog is dedicated to …

My little sister, Yeri, who is way more cheese than kimchi (she was only 3 years old when we moved to Ohio!) in hopes she will use this blog to introduce Korean food to her future children. My nieces/nephews will not live off of chicken fingers and spaghetti!